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The 3 Best Google Analytics Apps [Android]

For example, you are in the position to see the number of guests you've received through day, simply by week, or perhaps by year.

Both of the above apps tend to be suitable for most users, however they are lacking 1 crucial feature. you can easily view the final seven days, the last 30 days, or any other moment period involving time through touching the hands involving time icon. I mean, arrive on. Each and Every Android app requirements any widget!

androidana2The 3 Very Best Google Analytics Apps [Android]
Despite what I like about this app, and additionally the fact I'll probably put it for you to use rather than gAnalytics within the future, I believe your present expense of $3.47 is actually steep considering the lack of attention to detail. It's also achievable to destroy down information by simply various increments. Second, your widget may current many different kinds of data (such as visits a new day, web page views per day, as well as bounce rate).
androidana3The 3 Very Best Google Analytics Apps [Android]

While you can find some other Google Analytics apps regarding Android available, I discover these to be the particular very best options, as well as the ones which I prefer making use of when I monitor the activity regarding my really own blog. It looks and also feels being a java program to get a computer that's been crammed onto any little screen, and although it's as quick as every other app, it appears outdated.

The three Very Best Google Analytics Apps [Android]


Simple Analytics Widget [2.1+]. Your reasons tend to be fairly simple. Things I the majority of concerning this app is how easy it is to view information from different period periods. a widget. In case a person will get more than the appearance, however, you'll locate a wonderful app that will provides a great offer of Google Analytics data. the developer really ought to slap a new coat of paint about it.

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Droid Analytics [1.1+]
There is a benefit to become previous and crusty, nevertheless - this app will continue to work on Android versions as outdated as 1.1.

Thankfully there are some available, along with among them, I like simple Analytics Widget. First, the particular widget will become the greatest looking of the bunch, presenting information inside easy however attractive bold font. Do you imagine I'm wrong? Really Feel free to share together with you your favorites in the comments!

To add icing in order to this tasty widget cake, you'll get the widget will be simple to use, as it connects directly to your current selected Google account as opposed to asking for a certain username/password combination.

This rather clunky app receives isn't difficult to use, however receives absolutely no praise with regard to its appearance

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